Regular Masses

Baptisms, Marriages & Special Celebrations

*Please Note: Weekday mass times are subject to change. Please check the Calendar on this page or the Bulletin

Baptisms are usually celebrated the first weekend of every month. Please contact the office to schedule baptisms.

To begin marriage preparations, please contact Father David at 738-2320, at least six (6) months in advance of wedding, to schedule a meeting.

Reconciliation (Confession) is celebrated every Saturday prior to the 4:00 PM Mass.

For other types of celebrations and masses, please contact the office at 738-2320 or by email.

Regular Mass Times:

Saturday5:30 PM (St.Augustine''s)


11:00 AM (St. Matthew's)

Tuesday7:00 PM* (St. Matthew's)
Wednesday9:00 AM* (Rectory Hall)
Thursday12:05 PM*(St. Rose)