Whether you have questions or want to get involved, here's who to contact.

Parish Staff & Contacts

St. Matthew's Contacts

St. Augustine's Contacts

* Weekday masses are subject to change; please check the latest bulletin to confirm mass times and intentions

Parish Priest Fr. David Martin 738-2320
Parish Secretary Bernice Martin 738-2320
Religious Education Linda Spinney 486-2144
Knights of Columbus Blaine Walsh 738-8829
RCIA Amanda Muise 738-3108
Legion of Mary Ellen Pelletier 738-2645
Prayer Shawl Ministry Joanne Spencer 486-1800
Women's Society Joanne Spencer 486-1800
Parish Council Moira Adams 738-2306
Responsible Ministry Helen Parker 757-2224
Finance Council Roxanne Fairweather 757-1191
Building Joe Oliver 647-1409
Music Ministry Gisele Roy 658-0544

St. Augustine's Parish

Mass Times*: Wednesday, 9:00 AM

                         Saturday: 5:30 PM                       

St. Matthew's Parish

Mass Times*: Tuesday, 7:00 PM

                         Sunday, 11:00 AM

St. Augustine's & St. Matthew's Parish Office

Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs., 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Phone: (506) 738-2320



Parish Council (St. Matthew's) Keith Doiron 738-8989
Responsible Ministry (St. Matthew's) Jennifer Bourque 647-2545
Finance Council (St. Matthew's) Jennifer Duplisea 639-8012
Bereavement (St. Matthew's) Shirley MacLean 635-0282
Music Ministry (St. Matthew's) Mary Rose Daigle 738-2435