St. Augustine's & St. Matthew's Parish Office

Office Hours: Tues. - Thurs., 9:00 AM-3:00PM

Phone: (506) 738-2320

St. Augustine's and St. Matthew's Parishes have a rich tradition of faith and service to our community. Our parishioners feel at home at both churches, with each parish offering a similar but unique faith experience.

As our site continues to grow, this page will include more information on the histories of our parishes, photos, and other interesting information. In the meantime, be sure to catch up on our Annual Reports to get a sense of parish life at both St. Matthew's and St. Augustine's.

* Weekday masses are subject to change; please check the latest bulletin to confirm mass times and intentions

St. Augustine's Parish

Mass Times*: Wednesdays, 9:00 AM

                         Sundays, 9:00 AM

Annual Reports

Two parishes creating a community of faith.

St. Matthew's Parish

Mass Times*: Tuesdays, 7:00 PM

                        Thursdays, 12:05 PM

​                         Saturdays, 4:00 PM

                         Sundays, 11:00 AM

About Our Parishes