Baptisms, Marriages & Special Celebrations

Baptisms are usually celebrated the first weekend of every month. Please contact the office to schedule baptisms.

To begin marriage preparations, please contact Father David at 738-2320, at least six (6) months in advance of wedding, to schedule a meeting.

Reconciliation (Confession) is celebrated every Saturday prior to the 4:00 PM Mass.

For other types of celebrations and masses, please contact the office at 738-2320 or by email.

Regular Masses

*Please Note: Weekday mass times are subject to change. Please check the Calendar on this page or the Bulletin

Regular Mass Times:

Saturday5:30 PM (St.Augustine''s)


11:00 AM (St. Matthew's)

Tuesday7:00 PM* (St. Matthew's)
Wednesday9:00 AM* (Rectory Hall)
Thursday12:05 PM*(St. Rose)